Welcome to the Black Pearl Basketball Academy

The Black Pearl knows basketball!

The 1st player inducted into the NBL Basketball Hall of Fame is looking to continue to promote and develop future players for Australia.  

After having lead the NBL in scoring, assist, free throw percentage, 3 point percentage, winning NBL championships as both a player and a coach and representing Australia " The Black Pearl" knows the game of basketball.

Whilst coaching thousands of kids throughout his career, many to a better future, Cal Bruton has added another string to his bow by designing a unique concept to teach the game of 2on2 through a tournament style play.

By teaching indiviual moves and learning how to create space against defences, players will develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of the game, at the same time becoming more confident, more creative and more competitive players.

This modification will also create more enthusiasm and interest in the game of basketball much the same way as World Series Cricket and Rugby "7's" had done for their game.

The Black Pearl Basketball Academy have come the full circle.  From its original Cal Bruton Skills School and Camps dating back to the 1980's. Through to the Cal Bruton and Sons Basketball Camps in the 1990's. Now the Black Pearl Basketball Academy has leaped into the 20th century with a brand new concept, Bruton 2on2.

The Black Pearl Basketball Academy is proud to have Make A Difference WA on board and as a supporter of the Bruton 2on2 Basketball Competition.

The aim of the Make a Difference Foundation WA is to raise significant funds through various projects to make a difference to the lives of those in necessitous circumstances, thereby improving the overall quality of life across various Western Australian communities. Ron Conway (CEO) of the foundation has kindly offered to support 20 teams by covering the registration costs of the event.

This will allow those who want to participate but cannot due to necessitous circumstances get involved.

If you feel believe that you qualify for sponsorship and wish to participate please click here to go to the register page and then click the SPONSORSHIP link.


Fundamentals Clinic