Bruton 2on2 Game Rules

In order to add a unique dimension to this 2on2 competition and break away from the traditional 5 on 5 basketball game, we have created a series of rules. These rules are designed to add strategy, skill and thought into the game utilizing both players and emphasizing the teamwork aspect of this game.

  • Each player will play a minimum of 2 games. These two games will be in Round 1. To go through to the elimination rounds you must win both of your round 1 games.
  • The first possession of each game will be decided by the toss of a coin, performed by a player and the call made by the player whose surname comes first alphabetically.
  • The first possession for each consecutive quarter will alternate.  Each game will consist of 4 quarters.
  • Each quarter will be 3 minutes in length with a Running Clock.  The quarter time breaks will be 30 seconds.
  • The half time break will be 1 minute.  There will be no time outs.
  • A 14 second shot clock will be enforced, this includes carrying the ball out to the 3 point line after gaining possession. The 3 point line will mark the clearing line.
  • The shot clock will start as soon as a player takes possession of the ball handed over by the defense.
  • Any baskets scored results in a change of possession.
  • Any shot converted from within the 3 point line will be scored as 2 points, outside the 3 point line will be scored as 3 points.
  • A fouled player will retain possession of the ball except after a made basket. The defensive players will call the fouls. If there is a descrepancy a flip of the coin will decide it with the offensive player making the call. We are relying on good sportsmanship.
  • Each team will be allowed 4 fouls, any further fouls will result in forfeit.
  • Free throws will be taken at the conclusion of each quarter. Fouled in the act of shooting is 2 shots. On 3 point attempts is 3 shots.
  • In case of a draw at the end of the game each player will take 3 free throws. The team with the most free throws made will be the winner. If there is still a draw at the end of the free throws then the same will apply with 3 point shots.
  • To encourage teamwork in the first quarter each team will need to make "3" passes before a shot attempt is made off a dribble. You can catch and shoot on any of the 1st 3 passes being the only exception. 
  • The second quarter will require 2 passes with the same ruling as above. The 3rd quarter only one pass is required and the fourth the game is live!
  • Each team will be allowed one "Bonus Bucket Quarter" whereby the 3 point shot will be worth 5 points and you have to nominate the quarter that you will use it before the game.