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Bruton 2on2 Competition - Canberra

Category Basketball

WHERE: Southern Cross Basketball Stadium 22 Cowlishaw Street Tuggeranong ACT 2900

WHEN: September 29th 2012 with a 9am start

COST: $55 per player - $110 per team (includes event Tee, Basketball and 2hr training camp run by legendary NBL hall of famer Cal ‘Black Pearl’ Bruton)

The Black Pearl Basketball Academy, headed by Legendary NBL Hall of Famer Cal 'Black Pearl' Bruton is running a brand new nationwide basketball tournament Bruton 2 on 2.

Screen and roll, give and go, pick and pop, do anything it takes to win as you & your mate compete against others to see which team comes out on top.

With competitions running for both males & females with 4 divisions; 14 & under, 15 - 20, 21 - 30 and 31 overs, this tournament will cater for all basketball fans.

Prizes will be on offer for winners of each division with a bonus opportunity to represent their state in a national finals. Grand final prize will include cash giveaway or tickets to the 2013 Hype NBA tour* to see and meet some of the top NBA superstars.

So dont miss out! Click here to register your team now!

Read the game rules which adds a new element to the game!

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  • Comment Link mark manado Wednesday, 26 September 2012 06:05 posted by mark manado

    basketball is a much loved game here in the kimberley.When ever someone mentions the basketball word kids flock to the courts to see who is the the king of the courts. I had the opportunty to meet the man the black pearl when I invited him to the kimberley to conduct basketball workshop for the kids of the kimberley. what a treat to have a legend up here. the old and the young love this man a true embassador of the game.Cal look forward to you coming back ot the kimberley.

  • Comment Link John Revels Tuesday, 25 September 2012 08:56 posted by John Revels

    Cal and I grew up in Queens, New York together and we played local basketball we went all the way. Let me tell you about a great friend and even a greater basketball player. I have seen Cal become a great player and a great coach a person that has the love for the game. I would put Cal Bruton in the same category as Michael Jordan. Cal has done so much for Australian basketball that if Cal didn’t come to Australia, the basketball level in Australia would not be as high as it is today. Cal started all the coaching programs in Australia and Cal went all around Australia coaching, playing and training young kids to become great players. Cal is the greatest basketball player who ever came to Australia!

    Whilst most of us have retired to raise our families Cal's passion and enthusiasm for the game has never dwindled and you will never ever meet anyone more dedicated to the game of basketball than the Black Pearl himself Cal Bruton he will always be my "homey slice" my best friend of 45 years and someone who I will always admire greatly.

    I wish one of the best people on this earth Cal Bruton the very best of luck with your Bruton 2on2 Program and anyone that is lucky enough to experience your program will not only benefit from one of the greatest basketball players but they will get an opportunity to admire you like I do, my life-long friend.

  • Comment Link Kobe Bryant Monday, 24 September 2012 22:51 posted by Kobe Bryant

    What many people don't know is that not only Michael Jordan but Cal Bruton was a big inspiration to me growing up.

    thanks for everything Black Pearl..

  • Comment Link Fi Sunday, 23 September 2012 23:28 posted by Fi

    Having worked with the Perth Wildcats from 1989-1991, I know about passion, determination and about being the underdog and winning. I don't think I have met many others with the same determination, passion and pure joy for their game of choice. Basketball has never been just a game for you, it has been your life and the Black Pearl Basketball Academy will be a great vehicle for you to inspire and excite others.

  • Comment Link Debbie Thoy Saturday, 22 September 2012 15:39 posted by Debbie Thoy

    I met Cal in 1987, when he first came to Perth to coach the Perth Wildcats. I was working with the National Heart Foundation as an Ambassador to the Jump Rope for Heart Campaign. We became friends and I watched him transform the game of basketball in Western Australia, inspiring so many young champions of today and making basketball a household name.

    He not only knows how to play the game, he knows how to sell it. He is one of Australia's greatest ambassadors of the game of basketball he knows what it takes to be a champion.

    In 1994 I assisted Cal set up the Black Pearl Basketball Academy and the Cal Bruton and Son's camps for Perth, which resulted in a offshoot team of trick basketball kids called the "Pearlers" which I ran. Combining skills and entertainment which sums Cal up perfectly, the Pearlers performed all over Perth demonstrating the fundamental skills of the game in fun routines to music, Globetrotter style.

    Cal has done it all the hard way and yet he has never lost his passion for the game or the drive to inspire and teach others. Having known him for over 25 years now, I can confidently say that I have never met anyone more dedicated to the game of basketball. He exists to play the game and he knows it through and through, a true champion and a genuine person. A good friend.

    This new Bruton 2on2 competition will be in a class of it's own of the highest level. If you want to improve your Basketball skills then Cal is the person to help you do it.

    Really glad to see you rebooted the Basketball Academy and this comp will be a hit. All the best, Cal.

  • Comment Link Roger Armstrong Thursday, 20 September 2012 12:39 posted by Roger Armstrong

    I'm sure I could put together memories, or anecdotes of Calvin. I think we all could.

    But what resonates the most for me was, from our years at 231, through Springfield, and beyond. I always felt that I was sombody with Calvin. In the 231 years you needed, or perhaps just I needed to belong. Or at least to not be left behind.
    Calvin always had these scary skills, at almost anything he tried. He never once looked, or spoke disparaging to me.. To Calvin, no one was trivial, no one was insignificant.

    I think alot of that came from his mom.. She treated me as If i were her son as well.

    A really beautiful family.

    Roger A.

  • Comment Link Paul Jones Wednesday, 19 September 2012 21:17 posted by Paul Jones

    I first met Cal at JHS 231. We played basketball numerous times at the "Center" located in the gym of the school. I enjoyed trying to guard him since I was considered a formidable defender but I could never block that quick-release jump shot of his. Cal always had a passion for winning. This was evident when I was on his softball team. Cal was captain. We were playing for a trophy and needed every team member to beat our opponent. One of our key players opted not to show up for the game. Our team lost by a narrow margin. Cal and the rest of the fellas grabbed up the equipment and we headed out of the field. Then, here comes the key player asking us how did we do? Suddenly, Cal clocked him right on the cheek. The rest of us just cracked up and laughed our heads off. The lesson here was, either you were on the team or you weren't. What I also liked about Cal was his character and how down to earth he was then and still is now.

  • Comment Link Rick Marsh Wednesday, 19 September 2012 21:09 posted by Rick Marsh

    I met Cal back when we were entering high school in New York City. Many years ago. We have been life long friends ever since. Growing up in NY, many relationships began on the outdoor cement basketball courts. We started as fierce competitors against each other but soon became teammates and friends. Now, keep in mind, friendships weren't easily attained. You had to earn them! How? Straight up one on one games. No teammates. Just you and your opponent. That's how you checked someone's heart! The next challenge was to bring one of your friends to play, again it was two on two! A bit of team work was expected but heart again came into play. Who was the toughest team? That's how we grew up and cemented relationships. I live in Chicago, USA now and I've had the opportunity to visit Cal twice over the years. He has been here many times visiting me and my family. I'll tell you this, our first order of business when we get together is to play a few one on one games. It's not as aggressive today as in the past but just as meaningful. Then it's a cold one after that with plenty of good cheer and memories. Best of luck Cal with your Bruton 2on2 Program. I hope that many of the players have the experience that you and I had growing up in NYC. Best regards, Rick Marsh, former NBA player, Golden State Warriors and a Black Pearl admirer and life long friend.

  • Comment Link Bryce Jackson Wednesday, 19 September 2012 06:31 posted by Bryce Jackson

    A fantastic concept that is sure to elevate the profile of Australian basketball and highlight the importance of individual skill within a team sport. I remember, as a young child, watching "The Black Pearl" in action when he played for the Brisbane Bullets back in the day. My whole family were keen supporters and our favourite player to watch was always Cal. The competitors of the Bruton 2on2 Competition will be fortunate to learn from one of the greatest basketball players this country has ever seen. In my opinion, being able to absorb a piece of Black Pearl wisdom is worth the entry fee alone - win or lose. All the best Cal.

  • Comment Link Lloyd Lawrence Wednesday, 19 September 2012 04:21 posted by Lloyd Lawrence

    Cal & I started together learning basketball in the gym of the after school center of Jr. High School 231. We played 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 because the courts held more people that way. Cal always had a natural jump. His accuracy demanded that you guard him close, which left you vulnerable to his quickness. By high school Cal had progressed far beyond the rest of us. He added a deft handle and some fancy dribbling which made him a crowd pleaser. Tall players loved to be on his side because his passes made them look good. I watched him build a neighborhood legend, but I also knew he stayed on the courts until midnight. Basketball was so popular in our neighborhood that if they didn't turn out the lights, folks would never stop playing. Cal just kept on adding layers to his game. College took us far apart but I followed his college play with great interest. The best thing about Cal to me is that he has never changed. Forty years have passed since our first meeting. We got together for a reunion a few years ago and I saw the same enthusiasm he had way back. Even though he's a superstar, he has ALWAYS been a true friend who I GREATLY admire.

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