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Cal Bruton Basketball Camp

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To all Orange NSW residents and basketball athletes under 18. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to spend 5 days with legendary NBL hall of famer Cal "Black Pearl' Bruton and his son CJ Bruton.

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For boys and girls aged 8 to 18, this camp will cover the skills necessary to become a great basketballer. There will be 10 lessons covered over the 5 days, with skills to use both on and off the court with the main objective to have FUN!

Lesson One

(A)  Group Mentoring Session on acronym TEAMWORK
(B)  Activities on a basketball court executing one on one skill development

Lesson Two

(C)  One on one Tournament
(D)  Group Mentoring Session on acronym PRIDE

Lesson Three

(A)  Group Mentoring Session on Acronym SPIMES
(B)  Activities on a basketball court executing two on two skill development

Lesson Four

(C)  Two on two tournament
(D)  Group Mentoring Session on motivation

Lesson Five

(A)  Group Mentoring Session realising your abilities and achieving your dreams
(B)  Activities on Basketball Court executing three on three concepts and skill development

Lesson Six

(C) Three on three tournament
(D) Group Mentoring Session on goal setting and personal goals

Lesson Seven

(A) Group Mentoring Session on overcoming adversity
(B)  Activities on court executing four on four shell drills

Lesson Eight

(C) Activities on court four on four transition tournament
(D) Group Mentoring Session on determination and dedication

Lesson Nine

(A) Group Mentoring Session on healthy life choices around commitment and concentration
(B) Activities on basketball court on five on five full-court game principles

Lesson Ten

(C) Five on five tournament
(D) Group Mentoring on the five P's

The camp will be held from the 21st to 25th September 2015 at the PCYC Stadium, Seymour Street, Orange NSW

You can register just for the first day at $100 or for the first 3 days at $300. However to make the most of this opportunity and for the best value register for the full 5 day camp at only $350 which is only $60 per day.

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